Your question: Where is the phase filter in Revit?

To move items into a different layer, click the objects (holding down shift for multiple items) and hover over to “Layers” panel on the right of the screen. Right click and hold the desired layer you want to move the items to (menu appears). Scroll to “Change Object Layer.”

How do you change the phase in Revit?

To create a new phase:

  1. Click Manage tab -> Manage Project panel -> Phases.
  2. The Phasing dialog opens, displaying the Project Phases tab. …
  3. Click the number box adjacent to a phase. …
  4. Insert a phase either Before/After. …
  5. Revit Architecture names the phases sequentially as you add them. …
  6. Click OK.

Where is the filter tool in Revit?

Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics), and click the Filters tab. Click Add. The Add Filters dialog lists existing filters. If the desired filter does not exist, click Edit/New to create a rule-based filter.

When working with phases What does the phase filter do in Revit?

A phase filter is a rule that you apply to a view to control the display of elements based on their phase status: new, existing, demolished, or temporary.

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Can you filter by phase in Revit?

Click Manage tab Phasing panel (Phases). In the Phasing dialog, click the Phase Filters tab. Click New to insert a new phase filter. The filter is assigned a default name.

What is the default phase in Revit?

Project Phases

By default, there will be an “Existing” Phase and a “New Construction” Phase. These can be renamed, combined, added, and removed as desired.

Can you delete a phase in Revit?

You cannot delete phases once they are created. They can only be combined with the previous or the next in the sequence.

How do I use temporary phase in Revit?

Go to Phases in the Manage tab. Go to Phase Filters tab and click New. Call it “Show Complete + Temp”.

How do I select a filter in Revit?

To use the Revit selection Filter tool, do the following: Click and drag over the full area that contains the area of the elements / element categories you want to select. In the Ribbon, the Modify | Multi-Select contextual menu should appear. Select Filter from the selection Tab in the Contextual Ribbon.

How do you use the selection filter in Revit?

Click Manage tab Selection panel (Edit). In the Edit Filters dialog, you can edit, create new, rename, and delete filters.

Work with Selection-Based Filters

  1. Select one or more elements in the drawing area.
  2. Click Manage tab Selection panel (Save).
  3. In the Save Selection dialog, enter a name for the filter.
  4. Click OK.

What is view filter in Revit?

There are two types of View Filters that we can utilize in Revit. … “Rule-based” filters identify elements using parameter values for selected categories. For example, you can create a filter that identifies all walls that have a Fire Rating parameter of 2 hours.

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How do you combine phases in Revit?

Combine Phases

  1. Click Manage tab Phasing panel (Phases).
  2. Click the number box adjacent to the phase to combine with another phase.
  3. Under Combine with, click Next or Previous.
  4. Click OK.