You asked: How do you extract contours from surface Civil 3D?

How do I export surface contours?

Change the surface style to display contours in Civil 3D. Click on the surface, from contextual ribbon click on Extract Objects. In the Extract Objects from Surface leave only Minor or Major contour checked (depending what kind of contour line you want to extract). Type MAPEXPORT and export this Line data out to a .

How do you export contours from Civil 3D to AutoCAD?

To Export an Autodesk Civil 3D Drawing to an AutoCAD DWG File

  1. Set up your drawing so that all objects that you want to export are visible. …
  2. Click Output tab Export panel Export Civil 3D Drawing Find.
  3. In the Export Autodesk Civil 3D Drawing dialog box, select AutoCAD DWG in the Export To File Type field.

How do you convert surface contours to polylines?

All you need to do is select your surface and on the contextual ribbon go to the Surface Tools Tab and select “Extract Objects” you have the option of selecting which items you wish to extract you could then copy and paste into a separate drawing.

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How do I export contours in AutoCAD?

Once the map is the way you want it, select the Contours layer in the Contents window and click Map Tools | Layer Tools | Export Contours. Give the file a name and choose AutoCAD DXF File from the Save as type list. Specify a location for the file, and click Save.

How do I extract lines from surface?

Extract lines, plines, splines, or arcs from surfaces and the faces of solids in either the U or V directions.

  1. Click Surface tab Curves panel Extract Isolines. …
  2. Select a surface, solid, or face.
  3. Click to extract an isoline curve represented by the preview line.

Can I open Civil 3D file in AutoCAD?

On the command line in Civil 3D, type CUILOAD. Click the Browse button. Open the c3d. cuix file.

How do I Export surface in Civil 3D?

Open the attached file, Road Surface.

To export a LandXML surface from Civil 3D, Select output tab and then in the export tab select Export to LandXML button.

How do I Export my 3D surface?

To Export Surface Data to a LandXML File

  1. In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, expand the Surfaces collection, right-click the surface, and click Export LandXML. …
  2. To change the export selection set (for example, to add another surface), select or clear the check boxes in the data tree.

How do you create a surface in polylines?

Start by checking the polylines to make sure they are elevated. Open the AutoCAD Properties palette, select a polyline, and note that the elevation of that polyline is not 0.00. If you have polylines without elevations, they must be modified to the correct elevation before placing them into your surface.

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How do you convert polyline to surface in Civil 3D?

To create a surface projection using a 2D line or polyline.

  1. Select feature line in the canvas (alternatively type FEATUREELEVSFROMSURF command)
  2. Click on “Elevation from Surface” button.
  3. In the Set Elevations From Surface dialog box, select the surface onto which you want to project the feature line.

How do I export contour from Arcgis?

To export contours, you must ensure there exists a field titled ‘ELEVATION’ (Fields titled ELEV_FT, etc. will not work) in the attribute table. Right click on the contour layer, and click Open Attribute Table. If this field does not exist, click Options > Add Field. AutoCAD file will be saved.

How do you retain elevation values when converting from a shapefile to CAD?


  1. Open the attribute table of the shapefile, add a new field of type Double and name it ‘Elevation’.
  2. Calculate the Elevation field equal to the field within the attribute table that contains the elevation values. …
  3. Export the shapefile to CAD by navigating to ArcToolbox > Conversion Tools > To CAD > Export to CAD.

How do I import Qgis into Rhino?

QGIS to Rhino

  1. Right click on the layer(s) you would like to export.
  2. Navigate to Export > Save feature as…
  3. Set the export options according to the screenshot to the right.