You asked: How do you add color to mass in Revit?

Simply select your mass, and then on the Properties palette, click in the Material field and then click the small browse icon. This will open the material dialog where you can choose a material. Make sure the material has a color assigned to it or it will still look boring gray.

How do you color a component in Revit?

Modify Object Styles

  1. Click Manage tab Settings panel Object Styles.
  2. Click the Model Objects, Annotation Objects, or Imported Objects tab.
  3. Specify the projection, and, if applicable, cut line weights for the category. …
  4. Click the color value to set the line color.
  5. Select a line pattern.

How do you delete a Mass in Revit?

On the Model Categories tab, scroll down the list to locate the Mass category. To turn off the visibility of all masses in the view, in the Visibility column, clear the check box for Mass. If you want to display some types of masses but not others, do the following: Leave the Mass check box selected.

How do you create a mass family in Revit?

When you create a mass family in the Family Editor, you can then load the family into a project, and place instances of the mass family in the project. Click File tab New Conceptual Mass. In the New Conceptual Mass dialog, select Mass.

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How do you extrude mass in Revit?

Select the upper face of the mass.

Add extrusion and Modify extrusion

  1. Click the lower part of the (Create Form) button, then. (Solid Form).
  2. Click the lock icon of the new extrusion. Now you are free to change the shape in any direction.
  3. Change the height to 3500 mm.

How do you draw a ball in Revit?

The trick is you have to draw half semi-circle and a line. Select both line and semi-circle and create form. You will get sphere as a result. You can do it without that line.