What is the use of reference plane in Solidworks?

Whether being used to start a sketch or mating parts with assemblies, the use of reference planes is a fundamental building block of SOLIDWORKS Part Design or Assembly Modeling.So, what if we need a plane in a different location, possibly at an angle or offset at a given distance from the default Reference Planes?

What is use of reference plane and write its types in SOLIDWORKS?

Reference planes were added to facilitate an extruded cut on a non-planar face, and a temporary axis was used to align the rectangular sketch properly. Finally, a new coordinate system was created to determine the coordinates of the center of mass from a relative location.

What is the use of reference plane?

In celestial mechanics, the plane of reference (or reference plane) is the plane used to define orbital elements (positions). The two main orbital elements that are measured with respect to the plane of reference are the inclination and the longitude of the ascending node.

How do you make a reference plane in SOLIDWORKS?

Creating Planes

  1. Click Plane (Reference Geometry toolbar) or Insert > Reference Geometry > Plane .
  2. In the PropertyManager, select an entity for First Reference . …
  3. Select a Second Reference and Third Reference as necessary to define the plane. …
  4. Click .
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What is use of reference geometry in Solidworks?

Reference geometry defines the shape or form of a surface or a solid. Reference geometry includes items such as planes, axes, coordinate systems, and points. You can use reference geometry in the creation of several kinds of features. … Planes are used in lofts and sweeps. An axis is used in a circular pattern.

What is the use of reference axis?

A reference axis is commonly called a “half-axis”. Reference axes are typically used for monitoring some quantity, such as: Position. Velocity.

How many default reference planes are there?

The base reference planes are the three orthogonal reference planes at the origin of a new part or assembly document. They define the Top (xy), Right (yz), and Front (xz) principal planes. You can use the base reference planes to construct sketch-based features.

What is reference line?

Reference Lines allow you to place lines on the plot at specific locations to mark important values. You could use these to mark control limits or to indicate a trend line for a set of data.

What are the different types of reference planes?

1.1 shows the three standard reference planes: the medial (mid-sagittal), the frontal (or coronal), and the transverse planes, all at 90 degrees to each other and usually set to meet in the center of mass of the whole body.

What is reference plane in balancing?

When several masses revolve in different planes, they may be transferred to a reference plane and this reference plane is a plane passing through a point on the axis of rotation and perpendicular to it. … the forces in the reference plane must balance, i.e., the resultant force must be zero and 2.

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How do I change the reference plane in SolidWorks?

To change the plane of a sketch:

  1. Select the sketch in the FeatureManager design tree, and click Edit, Sketch Plane. – or – …
  2. Select a new plane in the FeatureManager design tree or select a new planar face in the model for Sketch Plane/Face .
  3. Click OK .

How many entities can you choose to mate with an angle mate?

Click Mate (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Mate. In the Mate PropertyManager, for Entities to Mate , select two entities in the graphics area or the flyout FeatureManager design tree. Under Standard Mates, click Angle and set the dimension.