What is Qpmode Autocad?

Turns off the display of the Quick Properties palette for all objects when they are selected in the drawing area. 1. Turns on the display of the Quick Properties palette for all objects when they are selected in the drawing area.

How do I show quick properties in Autocad?

To enable or disable the Quick Properties palette, enter command QPMODE within the command line and hit enter or use shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + P. In the command line you will be prompted to enter a new value. Note the value you enter dictates whether the Quick Properties palette appears or not when an object is selected.

What is Isavepercent Autocad?

Controls the amount of space allocated in DWG files for incremental saves, which affects the number of quick save operations that can be performed before a full save is required. … This value results in the greatest number of incremental quick save operations between full saves at the expense of larger file sizes.

What is Dimcen in Autocad?

Controls drawing of circle or arc center marks and centerlines by the DIMCENTER, DIMDIAMETER, and DIMRADIUS commands. … The size of the center mark is the distance from the center of the circle or arc to the end of the center mark.

What is AutoCAD Properties command?

The Properties palette is displayed and lists the properties of the selected objects. When more than one object is selected, only those properties common to all selected objects are displayed. When no objects are selected, only the current settings of general properties are displayed.

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What is Rulesurf?

RULESURF places half the mesh vertices at equal intervals along one defining curve, and the other half at equal intervals along the other curve. The number of intervals is specified by the SURFTAB1 system variable.

What is Surftab?

Can someone explain whether the number of tabulations (for example in a ruled surface) changes only the graphical/visual appearance of the surface or whether it actually affects the accuracy and subsequent quality of the surface when machined.