What does combine do in Fusion 360?

Join: Combines solid bodies into a single solid body. Cut: Removes the volume of Tool Bodies from the Target Body.

Can you combine components in Fusion 360?

The combine command (specially with join operation) can combine more than 2 “bodies” at a time. 1 target body and many tool body with join operation will do the thing nicely. Well, you can still select 2 components though.

How do you combine mesh bodies in Fusion 360?

Go into the Mesh workspace by clicking on “Model” in the upper left corner and selecting “Mesh” from the dropdown. Once in the Mesh workspace, use the Create > BRep to Mesh tool to convert the Fusion body to a mesh body. Use the Modify > Merge Bodies tool to combine the two mesh bodies.

How do you combine sketches in Fusion 360?

Open the earliest sketch, select and copy the geometry there, exit the sketch. Open the later sketch, and paste in the selected geometry from the earlier sketch. You should not reposition it in the later sketch. Then, go back and delete the first sketch, because presumably you no longer need it.

Are there mates in Fusion 360?

Let’s talk about Joints in Fusion 360!

If you previously used Solidworks or Inventor CAD, you may used to the term Constraints or Mates. Fusion 360 Joints are able to do the same thing as a Mate or Constraint but often only require a single Joint to constrain multiple degrees of freedom!

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How do I use Fusion 360 on my browser?

How to Access Fusion Team (Fusion 360 in a Browser)

  1. Select “A360” Select “A360” and log in if prompted. …
  2. Select “Edit in Browser” After finding the design you need to view or edit, click the down chevron ⌵ and select “Edit in Browser” to display the design in the browser.

How do you merge sketches?


  1. Select two or more sketches.
  2. Click on Merge sketches or choose Sketch → Merge sketches from the top menu.
  3. The resulting sketch will be created as a separate new object.