How do you flip a sketch in Onshape?

How do you flip a design on Inshape?

I actually figured out a way to do this, although it’s a little hacky…

  1. Click “Mirror” then select “Feature mirror”
  2. Select the Plane you want to flip as both the “Features to Mirror” and “Mirror Plane”

How do you flip an Onshape?

The arrows around the view cube allow for 15-degree rotation movements from the model’s current position. However, if 15 degrees is not precise enough, you can hold down the “Shift” key while clicking on the arrows. This will rotate the model in 5-degree increments, giving you much more control.

How do you move text on Onshape?

To resize the box, drag a corner (make sure the other corner is fixed). If the box has been dimensioned, you are not able to resize it by dragging. Note that when you drag the text box, you see only the text box until you lift your finger, then you see the text.

What is mirror drawing test?

Measures: The mirror-drawing or mirror-tracing test is a psychological assessment used to measure learning, coordination, and neuropsychological damage. A candidate is instructed to trace or draw a picture while observing their work in a mirror.

How do I mirror a sketch in Freecad?


  1. Select sketch to be mirrored (typically by clicking on it in the tree view).
  2. Click on Mirror sketch or choose Sketch → Mirror sketch from the top menu.
  3. The resulting sketch is created as a separate new object.
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How do you move planes on Onshape?


  1. In the Features list, double click the sketch you want to move to another plane.
  2. In the Sketch properties box that opened, click in the Sketch Plane box.
  3. Select a different plane in the Features list.