How do you fill in Draftsight?

Click Annotate tab Text panel . In the Type Properties dialog, select the text properties you want to work with from the Type list. If desired, click Rename to rename the type, or click Duplicate to create a new text type.

How do you use hatch in Draftsight?

Setting a Hatch Pattern

  1. Type User and press Enter.
  2. Specify an angle for the hatch pattern and press Enter. …
  3. Specify the distance between lines in the hatch pattern and press Enter. …
  4. To specify whether you want to add intersecting lines, type Yes or No.

How do you set drawing boundaries in Draftsight?

To set drawing boundaries:

  1. Click Format > Drawing Boundary (or type DrawingBounds).
  2. Specify a point representing the lower left corner of the graphics area.
  3. Specify a point representing the upper right corner of the graphics area.

How do I add hatch patterns to Draftsight?

Hatch Pattern Files and File Location

  1. Click Tools > Options (or type Options).
  2. Click Tools > Options (or type Options).
  3. Click Application menu > Preferences (or type Options).
  4. In the Options dialog box, click File Locations .
  5. Expand System > Support Files Search Path.
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How do I recover Draftsight files?

To recover a damaged drawing:

  1. Click File > Recover (or type Recover).
  2. In the dialog box, select the file name of the damaged drawing, and click Open.

How do you fill color in Draftsight?

To create a color fill: Click Draw > Hatch/Fill (or type FillArea). In the Hatch / Fill dialog box, select Fill.

Creating Color Gradient Fills

  1. Specify entities. . …
  2. Specify points. . …
  3. Rebuild boundary. . …
  4. Delete boundary entities. . …
  5. Highlight boundary entities. .

How do I edit a hatch in Draftsight?

To edit a hatch pattern or color fill:

  1. Click Modify > Entity > Hatch (or type EditHatch).
  2. Specify an existing hatch.
  3. In the Hatch/Fill dialog box, select Hatch to update the hatch or Fill to update the color fill. You can also add additional entities to the set of entities to be edited.

How do you make a hatch pattern in Solidworks?

Area Hatch/Fill PropertyManager – New

  1. In a drawing document, select a model face, a segment of a closed sketch profile, or a region bounded by a combination of model edges and sketch entities.
  2. Click Area Hatch/Fill (Annotation toolbar), or click Insert > Annotations > Area Hatch/Fill.

How do you delete a hatch in Solidworks?

To delete an area hatch: Select it in the graphics area and press Delete. Sketched profiles are not deleted when the area hatch is deleted.

How do I restore a CAD file?

To Restore a Drawing Using the Drawing Recovery Manager

  1. Open the Drawing Recovery Manager.
  2. Under Backup Files, double-click a drawing node to list all available drawing and backup files.
  3. Double-click a file to open it. If the drawing file is damaged, the drawing is automatically repaired, if possible.
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How can I recover a non saved CAD file?

Method 2: Recover deleted AutoCAD files with a professional tool

  1. Step 1: Select the location. The first step towards recovering the data on any computer is to first find where you have lost it. …
  2. Step 2: Scan the location carefully. …
  3. Step 3: Run a preview and then recover the files.

How do I recover a lost AutoCAD file?

The backup file (BAK) is in the same folder as the drawing (DWG). Backup files will be the last-saved version.

To recover a backup file:

  1. Open the folder containing the DWG file.
  2. Look for a file with the same name of the one to recover and a BAK extension.
  3. Change the BAK extension to DWG.
  4. Open the file in AutoCAD.