How do you duplicate components in Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 components can be copied similarly to sketches and bodies. To copy, right-click on a Component in the Browser and select “copy.” You can also select the body in the Browser to use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + C (Windows) or CMD + C (Mac).

How do you make multiple copies of a component in Fusion 360?

For now you can Use Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V just keep pressing Ctrl+V or Paste from the right click menu for multiple copies.

How do you duplicate a component?

How to duplicate a component?

  1. Click on the component to display the Edit bar.
  2. Click on the Copy icon (Two pieces of paper) (Fig. …
  3. Navigate to the desire location you want to paste the component.
  4. Either click on an already exists component, or click on a component placeholder to display the Edit bar.

Why can’t I extrude a sketch Fusion 360?

Enable “Show Profile”:

Right-click on the affected sketch within the timeline or the browser tree. Select “Edit sketch”. Activate “Show Profile” and save the change. Re-test extruding the sketch profile.

How do you convert your body to a component?

To convert multiple assembly components back to solid bodies;

  1. Outside of undo command, the only method is to drag each body back to the root component (top browser entry), then delete the empty components.
  2. Suppressing the component function in the design timeline will move the extruded body back to the Bodies folder.
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How do I copy a component in Solidworks assembly?

Two methods of copying SOLIDWORKS features:

  1. The first is to hold down the CTRL key, then drag & drop the feature to where you want to copy it to.
  2. The second method is to use CTRL+C, then pick where you want it to paste to and use CTRL+V.