How do you draw a revolve in Revit?

To create a revolve, select the Revolve tool. You are placed into sketch mode. To create the revolve, you need to define the boundary of the 2D shape that will be revolved, and you need to define the axis which the shape will be rotated around.

How do you create a revolve in Revit?

Place an axis of revolution: On the Modify | Create Revolve tab Draw panel, click (Axis Line).

About revolves

  1. Click Modify | Create Revolve tab Draw panel (Boundary Line).
  2. To create a single revolve, sketch a closed loop.
  3. To create more than one revolve, sketch multiple, non-intersecting, closed loops.

How do you make a revolve?

Using the Revolve Tool

  1. Select a sketch.
  2. Click Revolve from the mini toolbar or the Shapes group.
  3. Select an axis for the revolve.
  4. Select Solid from the dashboard.
  5. Specify to revolve from a sketch plane by a specified angle value.
  6. Edit the angle to 180.
  7. Click Flip Direction.
  8. Click Thicken Sketch.

How do you create a mass in Revit?

Create an In-Place Mass

  1. Click Massing & Site tab Conceptual Mass panel (In-Place Mass).
  2. Enter a name for the in-place mass family, and click OK. The application window displays the conceptual design environment.
  3. Create the desired shapes using the tools on the Draw panel. …
  4. When you are finished, click Finish Mass.
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How do I use revolve in Revit family?

To make changes to the revolve form, select the revolve in the canvas, and click Edit Revolve. Changes can now be made to the boundary or axis sketch. With the revolve selected, the Start Angle and End Angle of the revolve can be adjusted and the material and visibility parameters of the revolve controlled.

What is revolve command in Creo?

Revolve is a method of defining three-dimensional geometry by revolving a sketched section around a centerline. Use the Revolve tool to create a solid or surface feature, and to add or remove material.

How do you revolve in Autocad?

To revolve as a surface, follow the below steps:

  1. Type REV or revolve on the command line or command prompt and press Enter.
  2. Type M or mode on the command line
  3. Type Surface or S on the command line

What does the revolve tool do?

ℹ️ This tool is available to all users. You can create solids such as sphere, cylinders, and cones by revolving faces or closed sketches with the Revolve tool. Not only that, but you can also create helical objects by adding height to your revolved sketch or face.

What does the revolve tool do in Fusion 360?

Fusion 360’s revolve tool is capable of creating surface features. The profile will be an open profile that will have complete dimensions that are linear. The centerline to the right of the open profile is a construction line that also mimics the linear dimensions placed on the right.