How do you copy a part within the SolidWorks program?

While holding down the Ctrl key, mouse-click (select & hold) the feature you would like to copy from the Feature Manager Design Tree, then drag and drop that feature to a planar face of where you want to copy that feature to (ref. 1).

Where is the copy button in Solidworks?

Copies one or more items to the Microsoft Windows Clipboard. To copy: Select one or more items to copy. Click Copy (Standard toolbar) or Edit > Copy, or press Ctrl+C.

Can you copy features in Solidworks?

To copy a feature: Click Instant3D on the Features toolbar. In the FeatureManager design tree, select the feature to copy. … To copy features from one part to another part, tile the windows, then drag the features from one window to another, or use Copy and Paste (Standard toolbar).

Can we make copies of components to use them in a same assembly in Solidworks?

When you create additional instances of a component in an assembly, you can include mates from the original instance. You do not have to create the mates manually for each new instance. (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component > Copy with Mates.

Is there a redo button on Solidworks?

You can access Undo and Redo using the shortcuts. Undo=CTRL+z and Redo=CTRL+y; or from the quick access commands located above or inside the Command Manager.

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How do you redo in Solidworks 2020?

Undo and Redo

  1. To undo your last action: Click Undo on the Standard toolbar. Click Edit > Undo. Press Ctrl+Z.
  2. To redo your last Undo action: Click Redo on the Standard toolbar. Click Edit > Redo. Press Ctrl+Y.

How do you apply a linear pattern in SolidWorks?

To create a linear sketch pattern:

  1. In an open sketch, click Linear Sketch Pattern. (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Linear Pattern.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Entities to Pattern, select the sketch entities to pattern .
  3. Set values for Direction 1 (X-axis). …
  4. Repeat for Direction 2 (Y-axis). …
  5. Click .

What is a derived sketch in SolidWorks?

Derives a sketch from another sketch that belongs to the same part, or derives a sketch from another sketch in the same assembly. When you derive a sketch from an existing sketch, you are assured that the two sketches will retain the characteristics that they share in common.