How do you change surface properties in Civil 3D?

Select the working surface, Prelim-EG surface, by clicking anywhere on its contours in the drawing, or by selecting it in the Prospector. Right-click then Select. Right-click in an empty spot in the drawing area and select Surface Properties.

How do I change the surface style in Civil 3D?

You can create and manage surface styles on the Settings tab in Toolspace.

  1. In Toolspace, on the Settings tab, right-click the Surface Styles collection and click New.
  2. In the Surface Style dialog box, click the Information tab and enter a name and description for the surface style.

How do I change my surface style?

The surface style is selected on the Information tab of the Surface Properties window. Click on the down arrow next to Surface style: and select a style from the drop-down menu.

How do you show the surface in Civil 3D?

In Toolspace Palette > Prospector Tab > Surfaces. Select the working surface > right click> “Surface Properties…” Information tab, check the surface style settings by selecting the button next to the surface style: On the Contours tab, make sure the correct Contour Intervals are set up.

How do you create boundaries on a surface?


  1. Select the surface in the drawing.
  2. Click the “Extract from Surface” button in the contextual surface ribbon tab.
  3. Choose the “Extract objects” option. Check “Border” in the window that follows and click OK:
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How do you extend surface boundaries in Civil 3D?

To Extend a Surface

  1. Click Surface tab > Edit Panel > Surface Extend. Find. …
  2. Select one or more surface edges and press Enter.
  3. Enter m (Modes) and specify the general shape of the extension: …
  4. Specify whether the surface is merged or appended: …
  5. Enter the distance of the extension and press Enter.

Why is my Civil 3D file so big?

There are multiple causes for this behavior: All the “standard” Civil 3D styles and the AEC contents are being added to the file. A data referenced surface is being saved within the drawing. Accumulation of AutoCAD MEP styles and definitions.

How do you create contours in Civil 3D 2020?

To Add Contour Lines

  1. In Display Manager , right-click a surface layer, and select Create Contour Layer.
  2. In the Generate Contour dialog box, enter a name for the new Display Manager layer that will contain the contour lines.