How do I stop a Solidworks drawing from updating?

To disable auto update for an item, right-click the file link with auto update enabled and click Disable Auto Update.

Do solidworks drawings automatically update?

By default, all drawing views are updated automatically when the model changes. You can change this behavior to manually update drawing views. When the model changes, any drawing views that need updating are marked with a crosshatch pattern.

How do you refresh a drawing in Solidworks?


  1. In the Task Pane, select the Design Library tab or Appearances, Scenes, and Decals tab.
  2. Click Refresh .

When using the option automatic view update for a drawing can views be excluded from the automatic updates?

Excluding Drawing Views from Automatic Updates

You can exclude selected views from automatic updates that occur when the model changes. In the Drawing View PropertyManager, under Automatic View Update, select Exclude from automatic update.

How do you delete a drawing view in Solidworks?

To delete views:

  1. Right-click anywhere in a drawing view and select Delete.
  2. Click Yes to confirm the deletion. If you delete a detail or section view, select Delete detail sketch or Delete section sketch so the sketch used to create the view is also deleted.
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When you modify the size and location of the detail circle in the parent view the detail view updated dynamically?

When you modify the size and location of the detail circle in the parent view, the detail view updates dynamically. A Bill of Materials can only be created in the drawings of part files. When you attach a balloon to a face, it is attached with an arrow.

How do I update exploded view in Solidworks?

Editing an Explode Step (Assemblies)

  1. To open the Explode PropertyManager: Right-click Exploded View and click Edit Feature. …
  2. Reposition the components: To move a component along its axis, drag the handle . …
  3. Update the options in the PropertyManager: …
  4. Click Undo to undo changes.
  5. Click Done.

Can we delete a drawing view how?

How can we delete a drawing view? Drawing views can be deleted just like any other objects. Simply pre-select the view and hit the [Delete] key.

How do you delete a section of a part in Solidworks?

To delete a component from an assembly:

  1. Click the component in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Press the Delete key, click Edit > Delete, or right-click and select Delete.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.