How do I change my deformation scale in Ansys?

How do you change a deformation scale factor?

Change the deformation scale factor

  1. From the main menu bar, select OptionsCommon; or use the tool in the toolbox.
  2. From the Common Plot Options dialog box, click the Basic tab if it is not already selected.
  3. From the Deformation Scale Factor area, toggle on Uniform and enter 10.0 in the Value field.

What is the deformation scale?

The deformation scale refers to the scale factor that the program uses to scale the deformed shape of the model. … A larger deformation scale factor helps you visualize deflections that are a lot smaller compared to the original dimensions of the model.

What is magnitude abaqus?

When you use Abaqus/CAE to display complex results, you can choose any of the following forms to view the analysis data: Magnitude displays the combined magnitude of both the real and imaginary portions of the result value. … Imaginary displays only the coefficient of the imaginary component of the complex result.

How do you scale a part in Abaqus?

From the main menu bar, select Options Common or Superimpose; then click the Other tab in the dialog box that appears. Click the Scaling tab; the Scaling options appear. Toggle Shrink elements to request or suppress shrinking each element about its centroid.

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What is auto time stepping in Ansys?

The method of automatic time stepping (or automatic loading) is one in which the time step size and/or the applied loads are automatically determined in response to the current state of the analysis under consideration.

How do you scale in HFSS?

To adjust the scale, double-click on the legend and choose the Axis Rho tab. You can also adjust the colormap if you click on the Contour tab in the same window.

What is scale mesh?

The goal of Mesh Scaling is, given an initial all-hexahedral mesh, produce a series of incrementally finer meshes with similar relative sizing attributes for use in solution verification and convergence studies. Original Mesh: 22,860 Hexes. 2X. 46,395 Hexes.