Best answer: How do I change the height of my walls in Live Home 3D?

To adjust height of walls, you have to be in 3D aerial view, you can only change single wall (divider) height and room’s height. Select either a single wall (divider) or a Room, then select, in the contextual menu, the option “Height”. You can use the slide button or enter the value you want.

How do you change the wall height on a 3D Pro Live home?

The Curtain Wall is the only wall type that allows you to customize its height directly. You can do this using the Object Properties tab in the Inspector. In addition to properties available for the other wall types, Curtain Walls have the Start Height, End Height and Elevation.

How do you change the floor in Live Home 3D?

To add a ceiling or floor manually, draw it using the corresponding Ceiling of Floor tool. To activate a tool, open the floor plan, tap on the plus icon in the toolbar, and choose the Building tab in the panel. To add a rectangular ceiling or floor: Activate the Ceiling Rect or Floor Rect tool respectively.

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How do you remove ceilings in Home Design 3D?

To delete a custom floor or ceiling, select it on the floor plan or in the Project Tree, and press the Backspace key. The AutoFloor and AutoCeiling cannot be deleted.

How do I add a loft in Live Home 3D?

Select all walls and change their type to Loft using the Object Properties tab of the Inspector. Switch to Building Properties tab and add a story above current. On the upper floor, remove 3 adjacent walls on each side. Select the central room and change walls type to Loft.

How do you change the ceiling height in Home Design 3D?

You can only change single wall height and room’s height if you are in 3D aerial view. In the contextual menu, choose either a single wall (divider) or a room, and then add the option “Height”. You can either enter the value or use the slide button.

How do you turn the lights on in Home Design 3D?

Select the 3D view, then select the option button (the gear). You will be able from this menu to change the day/night cycle and be in night mode.

How do you import objects in Home Design 3D?

To import a 3D symbol

  1. Launch your Home Designer software and Open the plan in which you would like to import this symbol.
  2. Select File> Import> Import 3D Symbol to display the Import 3D Symbol File dialog.
  3. Navigate to the location that you saved your file to, select it, then click the Open button.
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What is a loft wall?

The Loft Wall is a type of wall that is used in the loft. Unlike the standard walls (called Story Walls), the height of the Loft Walls is not fixed by the current story height. The Loft Wall height follows the ceiling height even if the ceiling is sloped.