Your question: How do you animate in rhino 6?

How do you animate in rhino?

The animation toolbar provides tools for creating animated views in Rhino. Choose among the viewport display and render modes to display the animation images. In the Animation toolbar, click the Setup animation button, and click the button for the animation type. After setting up the animation, preview or record it.

How do you make a walk through in rhino?

Walk/dolly the camera forward and backward. Zoom the camera in/out in the direction of the target. Move the camera toward/away from the target. Rotate the camera around the target and auto-target an object.

What is bongo for rhino?

Bongo™ brings professional animation into Rhino using familiar keyframe tools found in most high-end animation packages. … Easily preview your animations inside Rhino, in real time, in any shading mode by scrubbing the timeline or playing the animation. Then render straight to an animation file using any Rhino renderer.

How do you save a 3D animation?


  1. Select any number of objects in your scene that contain animation. …
  2. From the Animation menu, choose Save Animation.
  3. Set the save parameters. …
  4. Specify a file name and then click Save, or click the + button next to Save to increment the file name and save under the new file name.
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