You asked: How do I save a PDF in Revit?

Under Print Range, select Selected Views/Sheets. Click Select. In the View/Sheet Set dialog, select the views and sheets to print to PDF, and click OK. Under File, to generate a single PDF file that contains all of the selected views and sheets, select Combine Multiple Selected Views/Sheets into a Single File.

Can you convert PDF to Revit?

You can import PDF files with multiple pages into a 2D view to trace or to use as a reference as you create a model. Importing and managing PDFs into Revit is similar to importing and managing raster images. … Click Insert tab Import panel (Image) or (PDF). The Import Image dialog displays.

How do I import a PDF into Revit 2019?

This is what the Insert tab looks like in Revit 2019.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the 2D drawing view where you want the information to appear.
  2. Browse to “Insert” > Import > “PDF.”
  3. Select the PDF file you want to place on the drawing. • This file must be an un-locked version in order to be imported.

How do I edit a PDF in Revit?

Select the image or PDF file and modify it as follows:

  1. To scale the image or PDF file, drag the corner handles.
  2. To move the image or PDF file, drag it to the desired location.
  3. To keep width and height settings proportional while scaling, on the Properties palette, select Lock Proportions.
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How do you make a PDF transparent in Revit?

Go to Solution. View = wireframe, pdf = background (from properties), or both. PDF’s are brought in as a Raster Image….and you can’t adjust the transparency of raster images.

How do you scale something in Revit?

Do one of the following:

  1. Select the elements to scale, and click Modify | tab Modify panel (Scale).
  2. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Scale), select the elements to scale, and then press Enter .