What is the difference between BIM 360 and A360?

In A360, cloud file sharing is on a peer-to-peer basis, which provides a complete audit of activities on a folder system basis. Whereas, BIM360 is a cloud-based file sharing system which supports all the activities that are in collaboration across all the stakeholders.

What is A360 used for?

A360 Desktop is a desktop application to sync local data and your cloud storage. If you are familiar with Dropbox or OneDrive, then A360 is similar. A360 Desktop is the app you install on your computer but you can also access your data from your internet browser.

Is A360 discontinued?

Autodesk is discontinuing the A360 Desktop software on June 19, 2018. … After retirement, your data will remain available online in A360 Drive, but it will no longer be synchronized with your desktop.

Is AutoCAD 360 free?

Please note that AutoCAD 360 Pro is free for subscribers only and is not included with Maintenance Plans. Installation guidelines: Download the free AutoCAD 360 mobile app to your mobile device.

Is there a free viewer for Revit?

Autodesk have now released a great new file viewer, it is free, accepts over 50 file formats including Revit, and requires no software. … You can Share a link via email, upload a new version, or remove the file at any time.

How much does Autodesk A360 cost?

We have monthly, annual, and 3-year subscription terms to meet your needs as follows: Monthly subscription $60. Annual subscription $495.

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Will AutoCAD be phased out?

Some believe that AutoCAD is outdated because it is best used for 2D drawings and has been around for over 20 years. Newer 3D modeling software, such as Revit and Fusion, is now available for very intricate designs. … Despite what some may believe, AutoCAD isn’t going anywhere.

Does BIM 360 come with Revit?

BIM Collaborate Pro, previously BIM 360 Design, includes all BIM Collaborate features plus real-time co-authoring, and is for design authors who require anytime, anywhere co-authoring access in Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Plant 3D.