What files can Autodesk Inventor import?

To Import DXF, OBJ, STL, Revit, DWF, and IDF Files | Inventor | Autodesk Knowledge Network.

What types of files can Inventor Open?

Import CATIA, Solidworks, Pro-E/Creo, NX, JT, Alias, STEP, Iges, Rhino, SAT, Parasolid Binary files. Files from other CAD systems can be imported for use in Inventor. The file type determines the available options. Note: Newer versions of AnyCAD formats are supported.

What are the 4 types of files you can make with Inventor?

Understand the structure and use of part, assembly, presentation, and drawing files. You can open existing files, or start new files using templates.

What file types can Inventor export?

You can export an Inventor file as a PNG or TIFF image with a transparent background. You can export a BMP image with a white background. In the Image Save Options dialog, select Transparent Background. Exports a model to a 3D PDF file.

Can you open an STL file in Inventor?

STL files can be imported into Inventor using the Open command. The obtained model is a 3D mesh, which cannot be edited in Inventor or converted to workable objects.

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How do I import to Inventor?

Drag and drop to import files

  1. Select the part or assembly file in Windows Explorer, and drag the file to the Autodesk Inventor title bar. …
  2. With no Autodesk Inventor files open, select the part or assembly file in Windows Explorer, drag the file into the Autodesk Inventor graphics window.

Is Inventor better than Solidworks?

While some prefer the user-friendliness of SOLIDWORKS, some find Inventor as a better alternative to suit specific requirements. … That being said, Inventor still has multiple features that come as standard compared to the basic SOLIDWORKS version. Additionally, Inventor has significantly low cost of ownership.

Can Inventor Open STEP files?

In previous versions of Inventor, STEP files were imported as one core Solid by default. In the current versions of Inventor, STEP files that have multiple Bodies are imported as an Assembly file.

Can Inventor open Revit files?

Inventor cannot open or import a Revit RFA (Revit Family) file. You can export the RFA file to SAT format, which can then be opened in Inventor. The parametric qualities will be lost, but individual faces of the SAT file can be moved if you want to modify the shape of the family.

Can you import Inventor Files into AutoCAD?

In the Import File dialog box, in the Files of type box, select Inventor (*. Find and select the file you want to import, or enter the name of the file at File Name. … Click Open.

How do I export Files from Inventor?

Use the Export Files task to translate Inventor (*. ipt) and assembly (*. iam – Inventor, not available in Inventor LT) files to: IGES (*.

  1. To Export with Task Scheduler. Export one or more files to a specified file type, at a specified time.
  2. DWG/DXF Export Options Reference.
  3. Save As Export Options Reference.
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What does IPT stand for in Inventor?

IPT and IAM are the native Autodesk Inventor® file formats for parts (IPT) and assemblies (IAM). You can import both file formats into 3ds Max. Application Menu > Import > Select File to Import dialog > Files of type > Autodesk Inventor (*.IPT, *.IAM)

Can FreeCAD import Inventor files?

Loads/Imports: Autodesk (R) Inventor (R) files into FreeCAD (v0. 18 or greater). … As Inventor files contains a complete ACIS model representation, SAT and SAB files can also be imported into FreeCAD.

What is STL for 3D printing?

STL is the standard file type used by most additive manufacturing systems. STL is a triangulated representation of a 3D CAD model (Figure 1). The triangulation (or poly count) of a surface will cause faceting of the 3D model.

Can Inventor open Catia files?

You are unable to import CATIA drawings directly into Inventor. Only the model files from CATIA can be imported into Inventor.. So you will need to convert the CATIA drawing into DXF or DWG file format.