Quick Answer: How do you save a viewport in Rhino 6?

How do you save a viewport in Rhino?

Topic_01: Saving a View

Next to the Viewport name (i.e. Perspective) click the drop down menu > Set view > Named Views… 2. A dialog window appears. Near the top left select the “Save as” icon.

How do you create a viewport in Rhino?

To create a new page layout type “Layout” in the command line, or select View > Layout > New Layout, in the Rhino Drop-Down menu. You can also click on the “+” tab, under the viewports, and select New Layout.. option.

How do you save a layout in rhino?

How to save your customizations. Go to Tools > Toolbar Layout (or Options > Toolbars), highlight the default file in the upper right window, then click File > Save As from the menu and give your changed workspace a new, recognizable name. Now continue to use this file for your work.

How do I export from Rhino to Photoshop?

With the objects (splines) that you want to use in Photoshop or Illustrator, go to File>Export Selected, or Right-Click on the Save Icon on the Main Toolbar. You will then see a window appear prompting you to choose your save destination.

How do I create a Rhino template?

Get your custom template file ready and save it as a Template (Menu > File > Save as Template…). You can check the folder where the template files are stored, in Rhino Options: Tools > Options > Rhino Options > Files. Next time you open a new document, your custom template will appear in the list.

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How do I import Rhino settings?

The easiest way to transfer the bulk of your settings is to use the Rhino command OptionsExport (V5 and later), which creates a single file with most of the customizations. Importing this file into another installation via the command OptionsImport (V5 and later) will transfer the settings to the new install.

How do you delete a layout in rhino?

Right-click to copy a layout. Re-arranging layouts by dragging and dropping or with up/down arrows on the toolbar. Single-click to rename layouts and access Layout Properties. Shift to select multiple layouts for deleting or dragging.

How do you scale a percentage in rhino?


  1. Select objects.
  2. Pick an origin.
  3. Type the x scale factor, or pick two reference points. (Press Enter for a scale of 1.0.)
  4. Type the y scale factor, or pick two reference points. (Press Enter for a scale of 1.0.)
  5. Type the z scale factor, or pick two reference points. (Press Enter for a scale of 1.0.)