Quick Answer: How do I save a mesh file in ANSYS Workbench?

How do I Export a Mesh file?

Exporting Meshes. A 3D mesh can also be exported to an STL binary or text file, a PLY binary or text file, or a 3MF file. To open the Export window for exporting meshes, from the Mesh toolbar, click Export ( ), or right-click the Mesh node and select Export ( ) from the menu.

How do I export fluent data?

Fluent has a very convenient option of exporting. If your problem domains are similar, you can simply use the File –> Export command. Select the zone whose data you want to export (solid in this case), also select the parameter you want to export (in this case temperature) and write the file. It is a simple text file.

How do I export a mesh in Maya?

Export the mesh from Maya

  1. Select the entire mesh, and then click File > Export Selection…
  2. Enter a file name and the location where the file should be saved.
  3. From the Files of type drop-down menu, select OBJexport.
  4. Click Export Selection.

How do I copy mesh fluent?

1. In the Project Schematic, right-click on the Mesh cell in the system you want to duplicate to open the context menu. 2. Select Duplicate from the context menu.

How do I open a mesh file fluent?

You can directly import a FLUENT case or mesh file into a FLUENT-based system by right-clicking on the Setup cell and selecting the Import FLUENT Case… option from the context menu. You will be prompted for a specific case or mesh file. After you select a file, FLUENT launches and loads the file you specified.

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How import abaqus file to Ansys?

Select the type of file from which to import the model.

  1. Select Abaqus/CAE Database (file extension . …
  2. Select Abaqus Input File (file extensions . …
  3. Select Abaqus Output Database (file extension . …
  4. Select Nastran Input File (file extensions . …
  5. Select Ansys Input File (file extension .

How do I import a Hypermesh file to Ansys Workbench?

You can open the file in Ansys.

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  1. Save your Hypermesh File as .cmdb file.
  2. Open Ansys Workbench and drag Finite Element Modeler from Component System at the left hand side to the project Schematic.
  3. Click on model and select add input mesh, select your mesh model.