How do you move objects in Lumion 9?

Place or move object(s) to make them snap to the Lumion Terrain while ignoring all other object types.

How do you move objects in Lumion?

Duplicate selected object(s) by holding down the ALT key while dragging one of the selected objects. Hold down this key and the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON + drag an Object Icon to move the model up or down. Hold down this key and the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON + drag an Object Icon to scale the model.

How do you navigate on a Lumion 9?

Navigating in Lumion

Lumion is controlled in much the same way that a gaming engine is controlled – you use the W,A,S,D keys to move around, and the E and Q keys to move up and down. To look around, you can hold the right mouse button down and drag.

How do you move multiple objects in Lumion?

You can also use the mouse + Ctrl, so simply press Ctrl and drag your mouse (left button down) over objects to include any or all objects selected within the bounds of the mouse drag area. Also, you can use the Ctrl in combination with single select by mouse click on icon to do multiple select.

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How do you snap items in Lumion?

To snap multiple 3D models to the same position, perform the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the Ctrl key and use the left mouse button to select the 3D models.
  2. Select the Context menu and select the object that is in the correct position. …
  3. Select the Transformation…

How do I select an imported model in Lumion?

With the Import menu selected, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Edit materials menu.
  2. Then click on the small white dot on the 3D model to select the model.
  3. Click on the Reload model and re apply materials button, as you can see in the following screenshot:
  4. Click on the OK button to accept the changes.

How do you copy in Lumion?

How to do it…

  1. Select the Objects menu.
  2. Press the M key to select the move tool.
  3. Make sure that you have the correct category selected; otherwise, you may not be able to select the model you want.
  4. Press the Alt key, and with the left mouse button, select the 3D model and drag to make a copy, as shown…

How do you select multiple objects in Lumion 9?

To select multiple objects, perform the following steps:

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the Objects menu.
  2. Select the right category for the 3D model you want to select. …
  3. If the Place object button is selected, you need to select another tool, such as the Move object tool or the Context…

How do I pan in Lumion?

The arrow keys along with the combination WSAD are used to move the camera, and the keys Q and E are used to move the camera up and down. Use the middle mouse button to pan the camera; this gives you very accurate control.

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How do you delete an object in Lumion?

From the menu that you find at the bottom of your screen, select the Trash object button that looks like a trash bin, as shown in the following screenshot: With this option selected, click on the small white dot with the left mouse button to delete the object.

How does the sun direction change in Lumion?

2. The Sun Effect

  1. 2.1: In Movie Mode, add the Sun Effect to a Clip or to the Entire Movie:
  2. 2.2: Make sure that the Timeline slider is set to frame 0 at the start of the Clip or Movie:
  3. 2.3: Adjust the Sun height and Sun heading sliders in the Effect until the sun has the desired start position in the sky.