How do you match lines in Civil 3d?

If you select the Insert Match Lines check box on the Match Lines page of the Create View Frames wizard, a match line is created at each view frame intersection. Use the Match Line collection in the Settings tree to manage match line settings, styles, and command settings.

What is match line in drawing?

A match line is a line on a design drawing that projects a location or distance from one portion of the drawing to another portion of the drawing.

How do you synchronize in Civil 3D?

In Toolspace, on the Prospector tab, under the Open Drawings collection, right-click the drawing you want to synchronize. Click Sync To Project. In the Sync To Project dialog box, select the out-of-date project objects you want synchronized. Click OK.

How do you move one line at the end of AutoCAD?

Use a linear parameter and turn off one of the grips from the properties palette. Using a stretch action and select the end that still has the grip showing and window a selection that includes the endpoint of your line.

Is Matchline one word or two?

is match line one word or two? YES! YES!

How do you reference data in Civil 3D?

The shortcut created above can be Data Referenced in a new drawing.

Use the Data Shortcut as Data Reference in a new Drawing

  1. Select the “Test” surface.
  2. Right click.
  3. Select Create Reference.
  4. If desired, edit the style, layer, name, description, or render material.
  5. Press OK.
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How do you synchronize data shortcuts in Civil 3D?

To manually synchronize data shortcuts: In AutoCAD Civil 3D, in the Accruent menu, click Synchronize Data Shortcuts to Local (local workspace) or Synchronize Data Shortcuts to Vault. Note: The Synchronize Data Shortcuts to Vault command only synchronizes new or modified shortcuts.

How do you update data references in Civil 3D?

In the file consuming the data reference created by the data shortcut…

  1. Manage tab > Data Shortcuts panel > Synchronize References. Update the reference name.
  2. The data shortcut name has been updated and synchronized.
  3. Save the file.