How do you delete files on Onshape?

How do you delete files from Onshape?


  1. cadmando. June 2016. Send it to the TRASH BIN, then delete them from the trash bin – GONE. …
  2. ilya_baran. June 2016. One thing to keep in mind is that if you or someone you shared the document with linked to your document, than the links will continue to function even if the linked document is deleted.

How do I delete a folder on Inshape?

When you right-click a folder, you will have two options that allow you to remove the folder, “Unpack folder,” and “Delete.” “Unpack folder” will remove the folder and move its contents back into the Feature List. “Delete” will delete the folder and the features within it.

How do you delete a photo on Inshape?

Select one of the bounding sketch entities (the construction rectangle) and hit delete.

What are the instructions for creating a folder in Onshape to begin a project?

To create a folder, on the Documents page: Select Create and then Folder.

Once the folder name is visible in the breadcrumbs at the top of the Documents page:

  1. Tap the Create a document icon.
  2. Specify a name for the document.
  3. Tap OK.
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How do I share an Onshape folder?

Sharing folders is done exactly the same way as sharing an individual Document. Just select the folder, click “Share,” and define who you want to share with and their permissions.

How can you delete a part of your drawing?

To erase a selected part of a drawing, click the Select tool (the top-right button on the toolbar) and drag the mouse across part of your drawing. Press the Delete key to remove the selected part of the drawing.

Which mate allows the most degrees of freedom Onshape?

In Onshape there is just one Mate between any two parts, and therefore the movement (degrees of freedom) between those two parts embedded within the Mate.

Mates in Onshape & their Types [2020]

Degrees of Freedom Mate Types
Three Degrees of Freedom Planar Mate Ball Mate
Four Degree of Freedom Parallel Mate

How do you delete a face on Onshape?

Tap the Delete face tool. Select faces to delete.

Select how to treat the remaining void:

  1. Heal – Extend the surrounding faces until they intersect.
  2. Cap – Place a face over the remaining void.
  3. Leave open – Do nothing, leaving the face removed and the void visible.

How do you delete a picture in sketchbook?

Deleting Photos

Click to select the photo you want to delete. Once selected, click the Delete button at the bottom of the Sketchbook window, or right-click and choose Delete from the menu. In the Photo Tools palette, you must use the context menu (right-click > Delete) to delete a photo.

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How do you delete a sketch entity on Onshape?

While the sketch is open, selecting the lines first, then pressing the delete button should work.