How do you create a shaft in Revit?

How do you delete a shaft in Revit?

In 3D view you can highlight where the shaft is (you may have to raise the top constraint another level) and simply delete it. Edit: Course if you can select it to change the top constraint then you can delete it anyway…

How many types of railings are there in Revit?

There are 3 transition types for Handrails and Top Rails in Revit. Simple, Gooseneck and None.

What is a shaft opening?

Cutting Shaft Openings. Use this procedure to place an opening that extends through the entire height of a building (or through selected levels) cutting through the faces of roofs, floors, or ceilings simultaneously.

How do I create a slab opening in Revit?

Add an Opening in a Structural Floor

  1. On the ribbon, click Opening By Face. Where is it? …
  2. Select a structural floor.
  3. Using the sketch tools on the Modify | Create Opening Boundary tab Draw panel, sketch the structural floor opening.
  4. When finished, click Modify | Create Opening Boundary tab Mode panel Finish Edit Mode.

What is the first step in creating roof?


  1. Add a slope-defining roof line.
  2. Add roof lines with an overhang defined.
  3. Use Trim/Extend to complete the sketch.
  4. Attach exterior walls to the roof.
  5. Modify the roof slope.
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