How do you change the floor thickness in Sweet Home 3D?

How do you change the wall thickness in Sweet Home 3D?

– you can already change easily the default thickness of walls without opening preferences by pressing the key while creating walls. Just right-click on a wall while in that mode and place the option in the context menu.

How do I change dimensions in Sweet Home 3D?

You can modify dimensions only with the mouse. If you want to enter a precise value, type when you initially draw it. See included help for more information. Select the dimension with the cursor, hit DEL to delete it.

How do you build floors in Sweet Home 3D?

You can create the floor you want by clicking on the Create room button, then left click at the start corner of the area you want the floor to start at, then just drag your mouse to the second corner, third, etc. until you get to the last point. Then just double click to complete the floor.

How do I change the color of my walls in Sweet Home 3D?

To change the color/texture of the outside wall sides, you should select the walls that are not oriented like the other ones and choose Plan > Reverse walls direction. Then, select walls you want and set the color/texture of the outside.

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How do I import models in Sweet Home 3D?

Sweet Home 3D lets you also import libraries of 3D models stored in SH3F files. A SH3F file groups some models with their description, and can be easily installed by double-clicking on it or by choosing Furniture > Import furniture library menu item in Sweet Home 3D.