How do you change front view on Onshape?

View – To change the view from one perspective to another, select from the dropdown: Top, Left, Right, Front, Back, Bottom, or Isometric. The view on the drawing changes immediately.

How do I reset my Onshape front view?

It is below the insert view in the “View orientation” dropdown menu. Hope this helps. @david_salonia try the keyboard shortcut to quickly return to the isometric view.

How do you change the view on Onshape?

Select one to change the view of your graphics area or the view settings of your part(s).

Keyboard shortcuts for view

  1. Front view = Shift 1.
  2. Back view = Shift 2.
  3. Left view = Shift 3.
  4. Right view = Shift 4.
  5. Top view = Shift 5.
  6. Bottom view = Shift 6.
  7. Isometric view = Shift 7.
  8. Section view = Shift X.

How do you change Onshape to CM?


  1. Click “Preferences” under your Account settings, and you will see an option for “Units.”
  2. Select the units you prefer from the dropdown menu and click “Save units.” In the future, any Documents you create will have these units. …
  3. Here, you can change the units of that individual Document.

What units does Onshape use?

Onshape defaults to inch/degree for units of measure for all documents and workspaces; this encompasses all measurements in Part Studios and Assemblies, all values displayed in sketch dimensions, drawings, and the default input units for all features as well.

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How do you move sketches on Onshape?

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  1. With the sketch opened for editing, select the sketch entities you want to move.
  2. In the Feature tool area, tap .
  3. Use the manipulator to drag and orient the sketch.
  4. Click in space when the sketch is placed and oriented as desired.

How do you select multiple entities in a part studio?

Select entities simply by clicking. Onshape selection is additive and a small number appears at the cursor for up to 5 entities selected. When more than 5 entities are selected a small + sign appears next to the number 5. To deselect, simply click on the entity a second time.