How do you align views in Solidworks drawing?

How do you align parts in Solidworks?

Align Components PropertyManager

  1. Add the component by dragging it in the graphics area.
  2. Right-click the component and click Align Components.

How do you align views?

You can realign a view by changing the alignment references, which are described below.

  1. Open a drawing.
  2. With a view selected and the Drawing View dialog box open, click the Alignment category. …
  3. To bring the selected view in line with another view, click Align this view to other view.

How do you align edges in Solidworks drawing?

To align a drawing view to a model edge:

  1. Select a linear model edge in a drawing view.
  2. Click Tools > Align Drawing View > Horizontal Edge or Vertical Edge. The view rotates until the selected edge is oriented horizontally or vertically. Original view. Aligned by horizontal edge. Aligned by vertical edge.

How do you center mating in Solidworks?

Profile Center Mate

  1. In an assembly document with two rectangular or cylindrical profiles, click Mate .
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Advanced Mates, click Profile Center .
  3. For Entities to Mate, select the edges or faces that you want to center-align.
  4. In the PropertyManager, you can optionally:

How do you align planes in Creo?

To align a face to a reference face, plane, or a 2d edge,

  1. Click Modeling and then, in the Modify 3D group, click Align. …
  2. Select a reference element: …
  3. Click Change Face, and then, select the face to be aligned; press SHIFT to select multiple faces.
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What does align mean in science?

1 : the act of aligning or state of being aligned especially : the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts (as of a mechanical or electronic device) in relation to each other. 2a : a forming in line. b : the line thus formed.

How do you align views in Revit?

Open a sheet view. Click View tab Sheet Composition panel (Guide Grid).

  1. In a project, click Manage tab Settings panel (Object Styles).
  2. Click Annotation Objects tab.
  3. Under Category, select Guide Grid.
  4. Use the Line Weight, Line Color, and Line Pattern columns to specify the desired settings.
  5. Click OK.

What is anti align?

Filters. (physics) Aligned in an opposite direction (especially of a magnetic domain) adjective.

How do I change assembly in SolidWorks?

Editing a Part in an Assembly

  1. Right-click the part and select Edit Part, or click Edit Component on the Assembly toolbar. …
  2. Make the necessary changes to the part.