How do I add volume to Catia?

How do I get volume on Catia?

Click the icon or select the Tools->Formula command from the standard menu bar. The ” Formula ” dialog box is displayed. Select the Volume item in the New Parameter of type list.

How do you fill a solid in Catia?

Creating Fill Surfaces

  1. Click Fill in the Surfaces toolbar. …
  2. Select curves or surface edges to form a closed boundary. …
  3. Select the Continuity type to specify it between any selected support surfaces and the fill surface.

Which command can fill the small gap between the surfaces in Catia?

This task shows how to heal surfaces, that is how to fill any gap that may be appearing between two surfaces. This command can be used after having checked the connections between elements for example, or to fill slight gaps between joined surfaces. Open the Healing1. CATPart document from the Join Healing toolbar.

How do I add a measure tool in Catia?

Select Tools > Options > Digital Mockup >Parameters and Measures.

How do I find the Catia toolbar?

To launch a toolbar, select View tab > Toolbars, as shown:

  1. The next to the name of the toolbar indicates that the toolbar is launched. …
  2. To restore the original positions of a toolbar, select the Tools tab > Customize > Toolbars (tab) > button, as shown:
  3. Each toolbar contains a separator ( ,
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What is inertia G in Catia?

Moment of inertia of the object about the ox axis with respect to the system Gxyz, where G is the center of gravity. … Moment of inertia of the object about the ox axis with respect to the system Axyz, where A is a selected axis system.

How do you change the density of a part in Catia?

Select the Edit->Properties command or select the Properties command on the contextual menu. Click the Mass tab to display technical information. You can edit the density and the volume of the Part Body if you have applied a material to the part.