How do I activate constraint creation switches in Catia V5?

Under Tools/Options/Mechanical Design/Sketcher you need to run on the Create geometrical constraints. With this on, you will be able to create these constraints pernamently. There is also an icon in the sketcher that will allow you to turn this on and off.

How do I set constraints in Catia?

Geometrical Constraints

  1. Keep only Geometrical Constraint activated.
  2. Click Circle from the Profile toolbar.
  3. Select the corner center to define the one of the circle.
  4. Drag the cursor to define the circle dimensions.
  5. Click in the geometry when you are satisfied with the dimensions.

What is the use of constraint in CATIA?

To create a precise 2D sketch in CATIA, we use constraints. What does “constraint” actually means? It means that we are restricting the degree of freedom of the sketch. Consider, you want to constraint a line.

What is the meaning of geometrical constraint?

A geometric constraint is a non-numerical relationship between the parts of a geometric figure. Geometric constraints: Associate geometric entities together two by two (coincident, concentric, collinear, parallel, perpendicular, tangent, smooth, symmetric, equal).

How do I align parts in Catia?

Aligning Objects

  1. Double-click the item (e.g., a tool) that you want to align. …
  2. On the Layout Tools toolbar, click the black arrow on Align Side. …
  3. Select the icon for the type of alignment you want to perform: …
  4. Define the plane to use as a reference for alignment.
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