Can you collaborate on Onshape?

Only Onshape enables real-time simultaneous collaboration – allowing designers and engineers to work together on the same document at the same time.

Can users collaborate on a document at the same time Onshape?

Share a document with one or more users, enabling real-time collaboration right in the same document. Share with individuals, lists of individuals, teams, and companies, or make a document publicly available or private. You are also able to share the document with Onshape support, if needed.

How do you share Onshape with edit capabilities?

To share a document through a link, select the Link sharing tab, then click Turn on link sharing, then click Copy to clipboard. Paste the link into an email to another person (Onshape user or not) or otherwise send the link. Be aware that anyone with the link will have access to the document.

In what ways can you share documents Onshape?

The first option here is to share using a view-only link. To do this, switch to “Link sharing” in the share dialog. Since each Onshape Document/folder has a unique URL, you can share an anonymous, view-only link directly with your collaborators.

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How do you add someone to Onshape?

Adding a guest user through the Share dialog

  1. From within a document, click the Share button.
  2. Select the Invite guests tab.
  3. Enter the email or emails of the users you wish to add as guests (use comma separators).
  4. Select the permissions to allow for the active document.
  5. Click Share.
  6. Click Close to close the dialog.

How is follow mode activated?

Using Follow Mode is simple. When another person is in your Document, you’ll see a social cue in the top right corner. Double click this icon and immediately you‘ll be following their screen. To exit Follow Mode, simply left click anywhere in the graphics.

How do I share an Onshape folder?

Sharing folders is done exactly the same way as sharing an individual Document. Just select the folder, click “Share,” and define who you want to share with and their permissions.

Can you import fonts into Onshape?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to add your own fonts at this time.

How do I download Onshape?

Tap the menu icon next to the tab and tap Download. Download copies the file in its current format to your local machine, giving it the same name and file type. You are able to import and download any non-native file type into and out of Onshape.

How do I log into Onshape?

The first thing you need to do is either create an account or sign in to your account. Go ahead and type in your name, email account and click on “Create Account”, or just go ahead and sign in. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to get to a screen that looks a lot like this one right here.

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How do I convert my Onshape to PDF?

You can export Onshape drawings to the following file types: PDF.

  1. Right-click on the Drawing tab.
  2. Select Export.
  3. Specify a name for the export file.
  4. Select the desired export format.
  5. Select the version and sheets, as appropriate. …
  6. Choose how to treat overridden dimensions: Show underlines or Hide underlines.