Your question: How do I set up DraftSight?

How do I activate DraftSight?

If/when using DraftSight, you can also use the option In the Help menu (select the option “Activate DraftSight”).

How do I activate DraftSight for free?

Here’s a step-by-step on how to access the full free version of DraftSight 2019:

  1. Go to the DraftSight download page.
  2. Click the download button for Windows 64-bit or Windows 32-bit.
  3. Read and agree to the DraftSight License and Subscription Service Agreement.
  4. Once you agree, the program will automatically start to download.

How do I install DraftSight?

DraftSight Enterprise Installation Guide

  1. Install a License Manager application on a server to host the floating licenses.
  2. Install the Draftsight application on client machines which connect to the server and obtain a license.

How do I bypass DraftSight activation?

Try to:

  1. Check if You also already have this service installed, if yes You’ve got to find out which software is using it.
  2. Temporarily uninstall another software using this service.
  3. Reinstall Draftsight and try to activate it – there shouldn’t be any problem now.
  4. Reinstall the other software that used this service.

Is DraftSight the same as AutoCAD?

File types: DraftSight runs natively with the DWG and DXF format, and supports the latest 2018 format, all the way back to R12. Familiar Interface: Transitioning from AutoCAD is a breeze. The interface is very similar to AutoCAD, so it won’t take long to get acquainted with a few new icons.

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Is DraftSight still free 2020?

Yes! A 30-day trial of DraftSight Premium 2020 is available upon installation. Use the form below to download DraftSight for Windows, then select “Free 30-Day Trial” in the installation window.

Is there a free alternative to AutoCAD?

Best AutoCAD Alternatives (Some Are Free)

  • The CAD of Choice.
  • About the Selection.
  • SketchUp.
  • DraftSight.
  • NanoCAD.
  • BricsCAD.
  • LibreCAD.
  • CMS IntelliCAD.

Can I upgrade from DraftSight standard to professional?

You’re able to upgrade at any time to DraftSight Premium by purchasing a new subscription online, or to DraftSight Enterprise and Enterprise Plus by contacting your reseller to purchase (subscription or non-subscription). At this time we do not offer downgrade ability. Visit to upgrade.

How much is DraftSight 2019?

DraftSight Pricing – The Full Breakdown

Package Pricing
DraftSight 2019 Standard 12-month subscription term for $99
DraftSight 2019 Professional 12-month subscription term for $199
DraftSight 2019 Premium 12-month subscription term for $499

Will DraftSight stop working?

Once you download and install DraftSight 2019 (free 30-day trial or purchased version), you will no longer be able to redownload or access any previous free version of DraftSight (2018 or earlier).

What is DraftSight used for?

DraftSight® is a feature-rich 2D and 3D CAD solution for architects, engineers and construction service providers, as well as professional CAD users, designers, educators and hobbyists. More options, choices and tools to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Is nanoCAD really free?

nanoCAD and nanoCAD Plus

nanoCAD is a professional grade CAD tool. It has a familiar interface, powerful drafting and design tools, native DWG compatibility, and an open API. And it’s totally free to use and share. No catches, no gotchas, and no compromises.

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