You asked: How do you move objects along the z axis in Rhino?

How do you move an object on the z axis?

Select the objects and subobjects you want to move using the following methods: Press and hold Ctrl to select subobjects (faces, edges, and vertices). Release Ctrl to select entire objects.

How do you move objects in rhino?

Hold Alt and press an Arrow key to move objects in the world x-, y-directions. Hold Alt and press the PageUp / PageDn keys to move objects in the world z-direction.

How do you move left and right in rhino?

The simplest way to change the view is to drag the mouse with right button held down. This pans the view in parallel views and rotates the view in perspective views. You can change your view in the middle of a command to see precisely where you want to select an object or choose a point.

How do you move Z in rhino?

Move on z axis to cplane?

  1. Start Move.
  2. Select the part.
  3. Enter to finish selecting.
  4. When prompted for a base point to move from, use an End or Int Osnap and select the corner you want to land on 0.
  5. With Grid snap turned on, drag the parts down in the Front or Right Viewport.

What is elevator mode in Rhino?

Normally when you click a point, Rhino gets X, Y and Z values with the single click. Elevator mode give you a second click to set the CPlane Z. Start a command that prompts for a point, like Circle. With your pointer in the Perspective view, press and hold Ctrl (Cmd in OSX).

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How do you change axis in Rhino?

Rotate steps

  1. Pick the start of the rotation axis.
  2. Pick the end of the rotation axis.
  3. Type the angle to rotate the construction plane. Or.
  4. Pick two points to specify the angle.