You asked: How do you edit a hole in a table in Solidworks?

How do you edit a hole in a table?

Edit hole table format and options

  1. Right-click a hole table in the drawing and select Edit Hole Table to display the Edit Hole Table dialog box.
  2. On the Format tab, change the table title, formatting, and text styles.
  3. Right-click a Property name, and choose Format Column to display the Format Column dialog box.

How do I edit a table in Solidworks?

Editing a Design Table in a Drawing

  1. Double-click the design table in the drawing. The model opens in its own window, and the design table opens for editing.
  2. Modify the table as needed. When you are done, click outside of the table to close it.
  3. Return to the drawing window, and click Rebuild to see the updated table.

How do I change the diameter of a hole in Solidworks?

To change the diameter, depth, or type of the hole, right-click the hole feature in the model or the FeatureManager design tree, and select Edit Feature. Make the necessary changes in the PropertyManager, and click OK .

What is hole chart?

Hole charts are space-delimited text files that contain fastener size diameter values. The hole charts enable you to standardize the available thread, diameter, countersink, and counterbore options when creating Standard hole features in your designs.

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How do I edit a title block in Solidworks?

Defining or Editing Title Blocks

  1. On the Sheet Format toolbar, click Edit Sheet Format , then click Title Block Fields .
  2. On the Sheet Format CommandManager, click Edit Sheet Format , then click Title Block Fields .
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree of a drawing, right-click Sheet Format and click Edit Sheet Format .

How do I format a table in Solidworks?

When you use design tables in the SOLIDWORKS software, it is important to format the tables properly.

  1. In the ConfigurationManager, right-click Design Table and select Edit Table or Edit Table in New Window. …
  2. Edit the table as needed. …
  3. Click outside of the table to close it.

How do I link Excel to Solidworks?

Inserting the Microsoft Excel File

  1. In a part or assembly document, click Design Table (Tools toolbar) or Insert > Tables > Design Table.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Source, select From file, then click Browse to locate the Excel file.
  3. Optional: Select Link to file, which links the table to the model.

How do I make a tolerance table in SolidWorks?

You can insert a table in a model to display the current general tolerances in use.

To insert a general tolerance table:

  1. Click Insert > Tables > General Tolerance.
  2. In the PropertyManager, specify properties described below.
  3. Click .
  4. Click in the graphics area to place the table.

How do you create a revision table in SolidWorks?

Inserting a Revision Table

  1. Click Revision Table. (Table toolbar), or click Insert > Tables > Revision Table.
  2. Set the properties in the Revision Table PropertyManager, then click . You can insert text in empty cells by double-clicking the cells and typing text.
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How do you make a hole in Solidworks 2020?

To create and position a simple hole:

  1. Select a planar face on which to create the hole.
  2. Click Simple Hole (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Features > Simple Hole.
  3. In the PropertyManager, set the options.
  4. Click OK to create the simple hole.

How do you read a callout hole?

Here are the five steps to interpreting thread callout:

  1. Look at the numbers in the callout. …
  2. Understand the first number in the callout – This indicates the major diameter. …
  3. Understand the second number in the callout – This indicates the distance between threads. …
  4. Read the length – This is the number that follows the x.

How do you call a countersunk hole in Solidworks?

Adding Hole Callouts in a Drawing

  1. Click Hole Callout. …
  2. Click the edge of a hole, then click in the graphics area to place the hole callout. …
  3. Edit the callout in the Dimension PropertyManager. …
  4. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to insert additional hole callouts, then click .