You asked: Can I download SOLIDWORKS on an iPad?

eDrawings® Pro is the professional 2D and 3D CAD collaboration app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that can view native SolidWorks® files (part, assembly, drawings), eDrawings files and DraftSight® (DWG™, DXF™) files.

Can you run SOLIDWORKS on an iPad?

Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks today releases eDrawings for iPad, an app to view and review drawings and models. It works with native eDrawings files, DraftSight files, and SolidWorks parts, assemblies, and drawing files. … The app uses iPad multi-touch gestures to pan, zoom, and rotate both 2D and 3D models.

Can you download SOLIDWORKS on a tablet?


xDesign has the look and feel of SOLIDWORKS Desktop but in a fresh and redesigned interface offering an amazing user experience right on the web. It works great on a tablet or a large phone like the iPhone XS Max or Galaxy S10+.

Can SOLIDWORKS run on a tablet?

The software works for Android and iOS. I used an iPad Air 3 to attach to my workstation (Lenovo Thinkpad P73). To be honest, in many respects it worked better than I expected. There is little to no latency and was far more responsive than I expected.

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Can you CAD on a tablet?

Is AutoCAD available for Android? Use AutoCAD mobile app to design on the go via iOS or Android devices. AutoCAD® mobile app has core design and drafting tools. Work on your CAD drawings anytime, anywhere—even offline.

Can you use AutoCAD on a tablet?

Don’t let all this fool you though – this is still a beast of a tablet in its own right. With a NVIDIA Tegra K1 processing unit, AutoCAD will run just fine on this device and you’ll still have the ability to play around with all other similar applications if needed from Netflix to even gaming.

Can you run Fusion 360 on an iPad?

Autodesk® Fusion 360™ for iPhone and iPad lets you collaborate on 3D designs with anyone inside or outside your company. … * To use Fusion 360 for iPhone and iPad, you will need to sign in with your Fusion 360 account information.

Does SOLIDWORKS work on iOS?

The answer to this is yes and no. We do develop several applications that are available for OS X and iOS. This includes eDrawings Viewer for OS X, as well as eDrawings and eDrawings Professional for iOS.

Can I run SOLIDWORKS on a Surface Pro?

You can run Solidworks and AutoCAD on some versions of the Surface Pro. You have to make sure they have the professional version of Windows and the P4600 display chip.

Does SOLIDWORKS work on Android?

The SOLIDWORKS World Mobile App is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

What is the best laptop for SOLIDWORKS?

Best Laptops For SolidWorks In 2021 — In-depth Reviews

  • HP ZBook 15 G5.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P53.
  • Razer Blade 15 Laptop.
  • Asus ROG Zephyrus S.
  • HP Omen Gaming Laptop.
  • DELL G5 15 Laptop.
  • Lenovo Idea Pad L340 Laptop.
  • Asus TUF FX505 DT Laptop.
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Will a Surface Pro 7 run SOLIDWORKS?

Yes, but 16gb RAM might be better for such software. i7 has extra EU on the Iris graphics which would help as well. It would be best to get 256gb since Solidworks installation take up a lot of space.