Why are my lines Blue Onshape?

Blue means under-constrained. Black means fully constrained.

What does a gray line represent when sketching in Onshape?

Was the sketch hidden? It will appear light gray if it is. You can hide/unhide by moving your mouse to the area where the eye ball is and toggle it on or off.

How do you add color to Onshape?

In the right-click menu options, look for the “Edit appearance for …” option. It’s important to stress that you can only edit the appearance of parts in the Part Studio. After clicking this, the appearance editor dialog will appear. Here you can type in your custom color information.

Why are my dimensions Gray in Onshape?

Dimension highlighting – Color is used to indicate the constraint status of dimension: black indicates a driving dimension, and light gray indicates a driven dimension.

What is located at the top of the very top of the graphics area within a document Onshape?

The top margin (Navigation bar) of the Onshape document contains the name of the document (in bold) and the active workspace name to its right. The Feature list (on the left of the window) contains the default geometry as well as any features you create.

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What is located at the top of the very top of the graphics area within a document?

Header. Reserved area for text, graphics, and fields that display at the top of each page in a document. Keyboard shortcut.

What is constraint in drawing?

Geometric constraints are created automatically between lines, arcs, and other geometry as you sketch. Constraints can also be manually applied after the sketch geometry exists to stabilize sketch shape or position. These geometric constraints allow the sketch to be edited with predictable results.

What is a concentric constraint?

The concentric constraint causes two arcs, circles, or ellipses to have the same center point. … Click the first arc, circle, or ellipse. Click a second curve to be concentric to the first.

Do assemblies have reference planes in Onshape?

@james_close We do not allow planes in the Assembly however you can use mate connectors which can be added to the assembly origin.