What is the difference between planning approval and building approval?

The short answer is planning permits are related to the proposed use of the land. So it’s the approval that you need for what you are proposing to use the land for. And building permits are the approval that you need to undertake the actual construction works and the methods in which you do so.

What does building approval mean?

What is Building Approval? Building approval, or building certification, refers to the construction activities of the proposed use or development and whether the end result complies with the relevant standards, codes and acts for building and plumbing/water works.

What is the planning approval?

The planning approval process involves assessment of a proposal to use or develop land against the rules in a planning scheme. The planning process is mainly concerned with the impacts of a proposed use or development upon neighbouring land.

Do building regulations approval and planning permission serve the same purpose?

Building regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health for people in or about those buildings. … For other building work, such as internal alterations, buildings regulations approval will probably be needed, but planning permission may not be.

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Can I get building regs after work is done?

Can I obtain retrospective approval for building work carried out without notification? Yes. The Building Regulations allow you to “regularise” unauthorised building work that has begun since 11 November 1985.

Do I need building regulation drawings?

Unlike the Full Plans process, detailed drawings are not always required. However, you must submit the following with your application: • Completed Building Notice form. may be requested to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations. This will depend on the complexity of the proposed work.

What is a BA approval?

A BA is a Building Application/Approval also known as a Building Permit. The Building Application consists of the paperwork you submit to your private certifier with the intention of receiving a Building Approval.

What is a CDC approval?

A complying development certificate (CDC) is an approval that does not require a separate council development application approval or a Construction Certificate. However, strict guidelines mean some developments are not able to be determined as Complying Development.

What are the stages of planning permission?

Step by step guide to the planning application process

  • Step 1 – Pre-application advice. …
  • Step 2 – Application and validation. …
  • Step 3 – Consultation and publicity. …
  • Step 4 – Site visit and assessment. …
  • Step 5 – Recommendation. …
  • Step 6 – Decision.

What happens after development approval?

Step #3.

After the concept design has been approved by the client and a D.A. approval has been obtained from the Council, the next step in the development process is the preparation of construction documents. … A Construction Certificate can be issued by a local Council or by a private building certifier.

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Does development need approval?

In New South Wales, the planning system uses a risk-based approach to development approval. This means that if your project meets certain legislative standards and criteria – you may not need to submit a Development Application.