What is the difference between Civil 3D and InfraWorks?

AutoCAD Civil 3D is the place to create project sheets to communicate details with authorities and contractors. InfraWorks 360 allows users to design in context, but does not output final construction docu- ments.

What is InfraWorks used for?

InfraWorks® conceptual design software lets architecture, engineering, and construction professionals model, analyze, and visualize infrastructure design concepts within the context of the built and natural environment—improving decision making and accelerating project approvals.

What is the difference between InfraWorks and InfraWorks 360?

Yes, it is the same. InfraWorks 360 is older and a little bit of a different interface. Same program, just rebranded.

What is Civil 3D used for?

As an industry-leading building information modeling (BIM) solution, Civil 3D is well known in the civil engineering community and widely used on a variety of infrastructure projects both large and small, such as construction area development, road engineering, river development, dams, embankments, and many others.

Is InfraWorks cloud based?

In InfraWorks, cloud credits are commonly used for usage-based cloud services such as optimization, analysis, simulation, and model creation services.

What is InfraWorks LT?

Infraworks LT was introduced as free addition to the suite once. The suite offerings are substituted with the AEC collection which comes with a full InfraWorks product. For some products you have light versions with reduced functionality (i.e. AutoCAD vs. AutoCAD LT).

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How do I import InfraWorks into Revit?

Export FBX file from InfraWorks in the Present/Share Tab. Import FBX file in 3ds Max. Export DWG file from 3ds Max which can then be imported in Revit.