What is sweep in Revit?

Jul 22 2021In-product view. Create a sweep form from a line and a 2D profile sketched perpendicular to the line. The line in the sweep defines the path along which the 2D profile is swept to create the 3D form. The profile consists of linework drawn perpendicular to the line or series of lines that define the path.

How does sweep work in Revit?

Create a Sweep

  1. To sketch a new path for the sweep, click Modify | Sweep tab Sweep panel (Sketch Path). The path can either be a single closed or single open path. …
  2. To select an existing line for the sweep, click Modify | Sweep tab Sweep panel (Pick Path).

How do you do a sweep?

Create a Sweep

  1. In the Family Editor, on the Create tab Forms panel, do one of the following. …
  2. Specify the sweep path: …
  3. On the Mode panel, click (Finish Edit Mode).
  4. Load or sketch a profile. …
  5. On the Properties palette, specify the sweep properties. …
  6. On the Mode panel, click (Finish Edit Mode).

How do you sweep in Revit 2019?

To create a solid sweep, click (Sweep).

  1. Click Modify | Sweep tab Sweep panel, and select a profile from the Profile list. …
  2. On the Options Bar, use the X, Y, Angle, and Flip options to adjust the position of the profile. …
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Select the path, and in a 3D view, zoom in to see the profile.
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How do you blend in Revit?

To create a blend, select the blend command. You are placed in the Sketch mode. Select a tool from the Draw menu to draw a closed-loop sketch for the base of the blend. Once the base sketch is complete, click Edit Top on the Mode panel of the contextual tab.

Is the sweep painful?

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What are the two necessary elements to create a sweep?

Two elements are required to create a sweep surface: Trajectory—Curve or curves that guide the sweep. Cross-sectional sweep profile—Curve or curves that sweep along the trajectory. ◦ One or two trajectories can be used.

How do you make a new wall sweep?

Add a Wall Sweep

  1. Open a 3D or elevation view containing the wall to which you want to add the sweep.
  2. Click Architecture tab Build panel Wall drop-down (Wall: Sweep).
  3. In the Type Selector, select the desired type of wall sweep.

How do I edit a sweep profile in Revit?

To edit the existing profile, on the Sweep panel, click (Edit Profile), and use the tools on the Modify | Sweep > Edit Profile tab. On the Mode panel, click (Finish Edit Mode) to finish editing the profile and again to finish editing the sweep.

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How do you create a roof sweep in Revit?

Open a project. On the ribbon, click (Model In-Place). In the Family Category and Parameters dialog, select a Roof category for the element, and click OK. The shape of the swept blend is determined by the starting shape, the ending shape, and the 2D path that you specify.

How do you do a sweep extrusion in Revit?

Create a Sweep Form

  1. Draw a series of connected lines to form a path.
  2. Click Create tab Draw panel (Point Element) and click along the path to place a reference point.
  3. Select the reference point. …
  4. Draw a closed profile on the work plane.
  5. Select the line and profile.
  6. Click Modify | Lines tab Form panel (Create Form).