What does Revit Server do?

Revit Server is the server application for Autodesk Revit. It is the foundation for server-based worksharing for Revit projects. A workshared project is a Revit building model that multiple team members can access and modify at the same time. … Together, these instances of Revit Server make up the Revit Server network.

How does the Revit Server work?

The Revit Server network architecture is designed to support worksharing of multiple central models across a wide area network (WAN). The network typically consists of Revit Server instances that perform either the role of Host (capable of storing central models) or Accelerator (provides faster access to the hosts).

Is Revit Server still available?

In this release, we’ve updated Revit Server Administrator to support mainstream web browsers, by removing Microsoft Silverlight technology which will reach end-of-support in October 2021. All other functions of Revit Server remain the same.

How much does Revit Server cost?

The second option, A360 Collaboration for Revit, is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it costs 100$/month per user (or $800/year per user).

Is Revit Server free?

Whilst this may sound like a good solution (as Revit Server is available free of charge), it may not be ideal for remote access across multiple locations such as when individuals are working from home.

How do you save a Revit Server?

Open the Revit Server Models folder, then open the folder for your project team. Click the Options… button, and enable the Make this a Central File after save checkbox. Click OK to close the File Save Options dialog.

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What is Revit cloud worksharing?

Revit Cloud Worksharing allows you to collaborate on Revit models, leading to accelerated timelines and a more efficient project workflow. … You can co-author cloud models, centralize all project design data, and improve communication and collaboration across the entire team.

What is a Revit Server Accelerator?

Revit Personal Accelerator (PAC) is a component of Revit designed to optimize performance when working on Cloud Worksharing Revit projects.