What are the interview questions for SolidWorks Design Engineer?

What are the main modes for design studies in SOLIDWORKS?

Evaluation and Optimization are the two main modes for running a Design Study. The Evaluation mode is when you specify discrete values for each design variable and use sensors as constraints. The software runs the study using various combinations of the values and reports the output for each combination.

What type of engineer uses SOLIDWORKS?

Finally, the software can be used for management, including device management, analytics, data automation, and cloud services. The SOLIDWORKS software solutions are used by mechanical, electrical, and electronics engineers to form a connected design.

What is Tool Test in SOLIDWORKS?

The CSWP exam is a comprehensive, non-proctored online exam that tests an individual’s ability to design and analyze parametric parts and movable assemblies using a variety of complex features in SOLIDWORKS, including design validation tools.

Why do you want to be a design engineer?

A career as a design engineer is all about transforming ideas into real products. It offers the chance to combine creativity with engineering expertise. Design engineers study, research and develop ideas for new products and the systems used to make them. … researching whether the design will work and be cost-effective.

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How do I optimize in Solidworks?

To perform an optimization, on the Design Study tab, you select the Optimization check box. If you choose to define Variables as a Range or Goals, the program automatically activates the Optimization Design Study. In most cases, use the Variable View tab to set up the parameters for the Optimization Design Study.

How do you design a study in Solidworks?

To create a design study:

  1. Do one of the following: …
  2. To set properties such as study quality and results folder, click Design Study Options .
  3. Define variables using parameters.
  4. Define constraints using sensors.
  5. For Optimization studies, define goals using sensors.
  6. Do one of the following: …
  7. Click Run.

What is topology study in Solidworks?

Available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. A Topology study performs nonparametric topology optimization of parts. … With a Topology study, you can set a design goal to find the best stiffness to weight ratio, minimize the mass, or reduce the maximum displacement of a component.

Can I get a job if I know Solidworks?

SolidWorks opens up doors to jobs in drafting, engineering and design. If time is of the essence, an associate’s degree only takes 2 years! You can work with other CAD software too, e.g. AutoCAD. Some occupations allow for working remotely.

Do all engineers use Solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS is CAD software that is used by most of the design engineering world today. It is increasingly more common, as many companies begin to move on from other competitors.

Is SOLIDWORKS a good skill to have?

SOLIDWORKS has a great certification program, but it’s not foolproof. … The Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate status is good for basic core skills (entry-level drafter or simple modeling skills). The CSWP is good for advanced core skills. The Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert is good for a department leader or instructor.

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Which is better Ansys or SOLIDWORKS?

Solidworks is mainly 3D CAD software, and the analysis function is an auxiliary tool, which helps to obtain simple analysis results quickly in the design process . Ansys is a professional analysis software. … For FEA analysis, Ansys is much better than SolidWorks. For modelling purpose SolidWorks is right.