Question: What is profile in Catia?

A profile feature is made of a set of curves, connected or not. When an output profile is created, its geometry is automatically removed from the sketch feature 3D result. In other words, output profiles are made available and updated independently from the sketch within the 3D area.

What is profile toolbar in Catia?

Profile toolbar – CATIA Tutorial

Here we have profile, operation, and constraint. … Profile toolbar has all of your curve creation methods available. If I select on the profile icon, notice first thing that the sketch tools toolbar changes.

What is output feature in Catia?

An output feature is created as a standard element, but it is viewed with a thicker graphic property in the Sketcher. It is made available in the 3D area and you can update it independently from the sketch, once in the 3D area. It is independent from the sketch 3D geometry.

Which tool bar is used to invoke the keyhole profile tool?

The Sketch tools toolbar now displays values for defining the keyhole profile.

What is the use of sketch analysis in Catia?

Analyze a sketched profile for gaps, overlapping geometry, or ambiguous geometry. The analysis is divided between geometry, projections/intersections, and diagnostics. You should be in the Sketcher workbench.

What is sketch tools in Sketcher workbench and describe their significance?

SKETCH TOOLS in sketcher workbench are the commands, which find very use in creating sketches. SKETCH TOOLS are namely geometric and dimensional constraints, construction elements/standard elements and Grid option.

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