How much are rhino horns worth on the black market?

Based on the value of the Asian black market, rhino horn price is estimated at $ 65,000 USD per kg. In the near past, the rhino horn price soared up around $65,000 per kilogram. This price hike turned the rhino horn more valuable than gold and many other precious metals, also many times more worthy than elephant ivory.

How much is a gram of rhino horn?

Back then the price of rhino horn was USD 5,700 per gram and today it is USD 2,800 per gram.

How much is rhino horn worth per kilo?

Rhino horn is especially prized in China and Vietnam, the two top consumer markets, where one kilogram can fetch up to $60,000. That would make the entire haul worth $7,500,000 (£6m).

How much is a full rhino horn?

The price for raw rhino horn ranges from USD 3,604 to USD 17,000 per kilo, calculated to equate to an overall average of USD 8,683 per kilo.

Is it illegal to own a rhino horn?

Currently, only 5 states—California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York and Washington—have banned the purchase, sale, trade and possession with the intention to sell of ivory and rhino horns.

What are rhino horns sold for?

Rhino horns, which when ground to a powder are believed by some Vietnamese to have medicinal qualities to cure everything from cancer to a hangover, are particularly lucrative and can fetch up to $60,000 (£48,000) per kilo.

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What are Chinese rhino horns for?

In traditional Chinese medicine, ground rhino horn was prescribed for lowering fever and ameliorating such disorders as rheumatism and gout.

What is the current price of ivory?

The price currently paid for raw ivory in Asia, according to an investigation by the Wildlife Justice Commission, is currently between $597/kg and $689/kg, in U.S. dollars.