How do you view layers in SketchUp?

To open the Layers panel, click its name in the panel tray or, if it’s not on-screen, select Window > Layers.

How do you show layers in Sketchup 2021?

Click the Main Menu icon ( ). Click the Layers icon ( ), and the Layers tab appears, as shown in the following figure.

How do I view layers in Sketchup for free?

Choose Window→Layers. The Layers dialog box opens.

Does SketchUp have layers?

Layers in Google SketchUp are different from layers in most other graphics programs, and that’s confusing for lots of people. SketchUp isn’t a 2D program; it’s a 3D program. … Add Layer: Clicking this button adds a new layer to your SketchUp file. Delete Layer: Click this button to delete the currently selected layer.

Did SketchUp 2020 get rid of layers?

SketchUp Pro 2020: your [3D] creative space

In an effort to increase model performance, you no longer have to create Layers upon Layers.

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