How do you show sections in Fusion 360?

Where would you create a projected view in Fusion 360?

From the ribbon, select Projected View. When you are prompted to select the parent view, click the base view. Move the cursor above, and then to the left, and then to the right of the base view. As you do, a preview shows you the projected model if you select that relative position for the projected view.

How do you stop a section analysis?

Everything in your model can be analyzed. Another way of quickly exiting Section Analysis is simply to hit the key.

How do you view wireframe in Fusion 360?

To use the Wireframe option: Select View tab > Appearance panel > Wireframe. Any surfaces and solids that are shaded or that have hidden lines are shown as wireframes, for example: All views in the currently selected window are displayed as wireframes.

How do you separate objects in fusion?

From the Workspace menu, select Mesh. On the ribbon, Modify panel, select Separate. Double-click either the figure or the base to select its face group. Click OK.

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