How do you open multiple parts in Fusion 360?

CTRL or SHIFT. If the selection is small and the changes are a one time instance, use CTRL to select multiple individual components and SHIFT to pick multiple components between two selections.

Can you do 2D drafting in Fusion 360?

2D sketching is in both Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate. As you state it is pretty fundamental. 2D Associative drawings is in both Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate.

How do you move the camera on Fusion 360?

Place the cursor in the perspective window and click a mouse button to make the window active. In the Tool Palette, choose View > Local Move Camera > Yaw/Pitch . Click the and drag. As the cursor is moved, the camera’s view changes, that is the view and up points change, while the eyepoint remains fixed.

Can Fusion 360 Open Sldprt files?

If you have a free version of Fusion then you can’t open Solidworks files. You can open a STEP file though if you can get the part in that format or if you cant, then upload the file to GrabCad and then download it back as a STEP file.

Can Fusion 360 Open Solidworks files?

When uploading a SolidWorks file to Fusion 360, the file is available in the data panel. Then when opening the file, it opens the web browser to view the file in Fusion Team.

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Can fusion open Solidworks files?

After hitting the “Upload” button, you will see the top level assembly file in your Fusion 360 Data Panel and will be able to access and edit a copy of the Solidworks assembly in Fusion 360.

How do I update my Fusion 360 drawings?

Update drawing views

  1. Make changes to the geometry or storyboard in the referenced design.
  2. Save changes to the design.
  3. Open the drawing that references the design.
  4. In the Application Bar, mouse over the Update icon. A message displays:
  5. Click the icon to update the design reference in the drawing.