How do you get terrain in Infraworks?

How do I change terrain in InfraWorks?

Right-click on the coverage area to open the context menu, and select Shape Terrain. Drag the vertical arrow up or down to modify the coverage to the desired elevation. Alternatively, you can enter the desired elevation in the elevation dialog box and press Enter to update your coverage.

How do you show contours in InfraWorks?

To set terrain view settings

  1. From the Views menu in the Toolbar, click to configure view settings for the active view.
  2. Click to display the Terrain settings tab.
  3. Click the controls to toggle Display Contour Lines and Display Elevation Text on or off, and customize the display of the contour lines and elevation text.

How do I import terrain in AutoCAD?

Go to Insert Tab on the Ribbon and select Link CAD (or Ipmort CAD doesn’t seem to matter here) and browse to find the Topography file you saved from AutoCAD. Now and finally go to Massing and Site Tab on the Ribbon and select Topo Surface. Click on “Create from Import” and click on the imported topography from AutoCAD.

How do I export InfraWorks to Revit?

Export FBX file from InfraWorks in the Present/Share Tab. Import FBX file in 3ds Max. Export DWG file from 3ds Max which can then be imported in Revit.

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How do you change the contour interval in InfraWorks?

How to get contours in InfraWorks 360

  1. 2 – Drawing an area including the area you want to see the contours.
  2. 3 – Click in the object you create and enable the options Contours -> Display.
  3. 4 – You can change the minor interval to get more detailed visualization. Here a video about this InfraTip.

How do I import terrain into Google Earth?

1 Answer

  1. Upload the terrain data source(s), specifying information about the data and type of masking. Process the data.
  2. Create a layer and add the data. Multiple terrain data sources can be added to the same layer. …
  3. Create a map and add the terrain data. Process the map, then publish it.

How do I import contours into AutoCAD?

On the Modify | Edit Surface tab, click Tools panel Create From Import drop-down (Select Import Instance). Select the imported 3D contour data in the drawing area. The Add Points from Selected Layers dialog displays. Select the layers to which you want to apply elevation points, and click OK.