How do I view history in Solidworks?

You can view the version history for changes made to a file by users in your enterprise. Select the file and click Display > History . Select a version of the document to display its details below.

What is history in Solidworks?

From the History folder at the top of the FeatureManager design tree, you can access the features that you have most recently created or edited. You can also control the number of features to list in the History folder.

How can I tell what version of Solidworks I have?

In File Explorer, simply right click on the file and choose Properties. On the Details tab, you can see the SW Last saved with version.

Who created solidworks?

What is PDM solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management) is a cloud-based suite of applications to manage product design data and documents, allowing easier collaboration and increased productivity.

What does future version File mean in Solidworks?

We call this Future Version Files. You can still create parts, assemblies and drawings with a future version but in a limited function. You can measure, take mass properties and look at your future version part file, but you can’t add new features.

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