How do I use subregion in Revit?

How do you create topography in Revit?

Create a Toposurface by Placing Points

  1. Open a 3D view or a site plan view.
  2. Click Massing & Site tab Model Site panel (Toposurface).
  3. On the Options Bar, set a value for Elevation. …
  4. Next to the Elevation text box, select one of the following: …
  5. Click in the drawing area to place points. …
  6. Click (Finish Surface).

How do you change topography in Revit?

Add points for accuracy if needed.

  1. Click Modify | Topography tab Surface panel (Edit Surface).
  2. Click Edit Surface tab Tools panel (Simplify Surface).
  3. Open the site plan view and select the toposurface.
  4. Enter a value for surface accuracy, and click OK.
  5. Click (Finish Surface).

How do you use graded regions in Revit?

Create a Graded Region

  1. Open a site plan that displays a toposurface.
  2. Click Massing & Site tab Modify Site panel (Graded Region).
  3. In the Edit Graded Region dialog, select one of the following: …
  4. Select the toposurface. …
  5. When you are finished editing the surface, click Finish Surface.

What is the use of Toposurface in Revit?

The Toposurface tool defines a topographical surface (a toposurface) using points or imported data. You can create toposurfaces in 3D views or site plans. Watch these videos to learn how to create and work with toposurfaces, subregions, and graded regions. Create a toposurface by placing points in the drawing area.

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How do you make subregion?

Create a Toposurface Subregion

  1. Open a site plan that displays a toposurface.
  2. Click Massing & Site tab Modify Site panel (Subregion). Revit enters sketch mode.
  3. Click (Pick Lines) or use other sketching tools to create a subregion on the toposurface. Note: Use a single closed loop to create a toposurface subregion.

How do you split Toposurface in Revit?


  1. Open a site plan or 3D view.
  2. Click Massing & Site tab -> Modify Site panel -> Split Surface.
  3. In the drawing area, select the toposurface to split.
  4. Revit Architecture enters sketch mode.
  5. Click Split Surface tab -> Draw panel -> Use sketch tools to split the toposurface.

How do you show contour lines in Revit?

Use the Site Settings dialog to view or change site settings. To change site settings properties, click Massing & Site tab Model Site panel . Displays contour lines.

Where are Revit site settings?

To access the Site Settings dialog, click the dialog launcher on the Model Sight panel. In the Site Settings dialog, you can modify the contour line display by adding contours. To do this, click Insert. Change the Start, Stop, and Increments values and select the desired Range Type and Subcategory.

How do you hide topographic lines in Revit?

To turn off the lines:

  1. Go to Visibility Graphics > Contour Lines.
  2. Uncheck Primary Contours and Secondary Contours.

How do you show cut and fill in Revit?

View the Cut/Fill Volumes

  1. Create a toposurface.
  2. In the site plan view, select the toposurface.
  3. On the Properties palette, set Phase Created to a phase earlier than the view’s phase. …
  4. Optional. …
  5. Click (Finish Surface).
  6. Select the toposurface copy.
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