How do I use Excel in SolidWorks?

How do I open an Excel spreadsheet in Solidworks?

You can also import data from a specific sheet in the Excel file. With the pattern table open, click Import from Excel and select the Excel file to import. Then click the Sheet: drop-down list, and select the sheet. Search ‘Importing and Exporting Data from Microsoft Excel’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

Do I need Excel for design table in Solidworks?

Beyond those SOLIDWORKS applications that require Design Table, since Design Tables are created in Excel, all of the wonderful tools in Excel, are also available to Design Tables. These include formulas, linking cells and easily performing calculations.

How do I edit a solidworks table in Excel?

In the ConfigurationManager, right-click Design Table and select Edit Table or Edit Table in New Window. The worksheet appears in the window. (If you select Edit Table in New Window, the worksheet opens in a separate Excel window.) Edit the table as needed.

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How do I link SOLIDWORKS BOM to excel?

In the table editing mode, highlight the table and then copy or on your keyboard CTRL+C. After copy the BOM table in SOLIDWORKS go to Microsoft Excel, then under the Paste expand the feature and find Paste With Link to insert the SOLIDWORK BOM table into excel.

How do I export data from SOLIDWORKS to excel?

To save a bill of materials as an Excel file:

  1. Click the bill of materials on the drawing sheet.
  2. Click File > Save As.
  3. Enter a file name, and click Save.

What do design tables allow you to do solidworks?

A design table allows you to build multiple configurations of parts or assemblies by specifying parameters in an embedded Microsoft Excel worksheet. The design table is saved in the model document and is not linked to the original Excel file. Changes you make in the model are not reflected in the original Excel file.

What program do you need to create a design table?

Design tables can be a very powerful tool in SolidWorks. A design table is basically an excel sheet that can be used to edit any dimension of a 3D part. It can also be used to create multiple configurations of the same part.

What Solidworks file type should you be in to access design tables?

When you use design tables in the SOLIDWORKS software, it is important to format the tables properly. When you select Auto-create or Blank in the Design Table PropertyManager, the SOLIDWORKS software automatically creates the Excel file.

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How do I edit a general table in SOLIDWORKS?

Editing a Design Table in a Drawing

  1. Double-click the design table in the drawing. The model opens in its own window, and the design table opens for editing.
  2. Modify the table as needed. When you are done, click outside of the table to close it.
  3. Return to the drawing window, and click Rebuild to see the updated table.

Does SOLIDWORKS work with Office 365?

A recent update of Microsoft Office 365 means that you can now add your 3D models from SOLIDWORKS to Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and the process is pretty simple…

How do you add parameters in Solidworks?

To access the Parameters dialog box, click Insert > Design Study > Parameters. You can also view defined parameters in the Parameters node of the Simulation study tree. Type a name of the parameter. Define global variables in the Add Equation dialog box.

How do you create a global variable in Solidworks?

To link values by using a global variable in the Modify dialog box:

  1. Double click the dimension, then in the Modify dialog box, type = (equal sign). …
  2. Type a name for the global variable. …
  3. Click Create Global Variable .
  4. Click . …
  5. Toggle the display of the value and the name by clicking the Global Variable button .

How do you suppress a feature in Solidworks design table?

To suppress individual features in the Feature Properties dialog box: Right-click the feature you want to suppress in the FeatureManager design tree and select Feature Properties. In the dialog box, select Suppressed, and then select This Configuration, All Configurations, or Specify Configuration(s).

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